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The railroad is staffed and and operated by volunteers.  Everyone from the the engineer, to the guy who checks your ticket, to the track maintainers, to the guy who makes this website has a regular job during the week and does this on their free time or uses their vacation time.  We do occasionally contract out some jobs, but those are few and far between.  Please let our volunteers know you appreciate their efforts.


How long is the train ride?

How far does it go?

Where does it go?

How do you fund this?

When will you expand the track?

It does vary on the event, but generally all of the rides other than the Santa Train are a little more than an hour long.

It varies on the event, but the current maximum length of our trips is about 4.5 miles.  Some events do not run that full amount.

All of our rides start in Wellington, Ohio.  Our railroad travels in a generally northern direction to Pittsfield Twp.  When we get as far as we can, we then back up towards Wellington.

Most of our income currently comes from ticket sales.  The price of your ticket helps pay for insurance, fuel, equipment upkeep, and track maintenance.

We would love to bring all of our 20+ miles back to operation, and that is fully dependent on the ability to find the funding to do this.  Won't you join us and help turn this dream into reality!

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