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The Train Consist

Lorain & West Virginia Railway excursion trains are powered
by L&WV #101, an E-8A built by EMD for the Chicago
and North Western Railroad in 1950. The unit was
sold to Metra for commuter service and later sold to the
Wisconsin & Southern Railroad. The engine became
L&WV 101 in 1997 and was repainted and upgraded for
high speed operation in 2002.

Image by Fred Struckmann Photography

The coaches were built in the early 1950s, by Pullman, for the Long Island Railroad,  where they served until the LSRA purchased them in 1998.   The coaches are former commuter cars that were refurbished and painted in 2002, to match L&WV#101. The cars have on-board generators to power the lighting, air conditioning and heating.    

The open gondola car is a former Bessemer & Lake Erie freight car, used for transporting coils of steel.  In 2014, the car was painted, and benches added.  When available, it offers a view that is hard to beat.

Image by Fred Struckmann Photography

Formally Chessie System #900293, this former Chesapeake & Ohio was built in 1949 and is a favorite on the Fair Trains.

Image by Fred Struckmann Photography
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