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The Station

In 1853, the Toledo, Norwalk, and Cleveland Railroad began operations in northern Ohio.  A series of mergers in 1869 resulted in the TN & C becoming part of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern.  Oral tradition has it that the contractor found a 1853 penny placed in one of the rafters of this building, when it was disassembled for moving .   This leads us to believe that at least part of the building was built at that time.  By the time this picture was taken, the LS & MS was part of the New York Central System.  This picture of the freight depot, in Oberlin was taken 6/18/1919

Slated for demolition, the Lake Shore Railway Association joined forces with the Nordson Foundation to save this historical building.  The depot was disassembled piece by piece and moved to its current location, in Wellington, in the late 1990s.  Shown here in 2015, the former LS & MS Oberlin freight depot lives on serving our organization.

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